Why ADHD is not just a problem in school?

ADHD at Home

Children and adolescents exhibiting symptoms of ADHD at school will also have difficulty at home.  Parents and caregivers will be able to observe problems with their children losing or misplacing things, keeping their room clean, going to bed on time, staying in their room at bedtime, showering or bathing, fighting with siblings, or doing chores.

ADHD children are also more likely to not want to eat with the rest of the family or what the rest of the family is eating.  They like to watch TV, read, or play games during dinner.

Why ADHD is not just a problem in school?

While students diagnosed with ADHD may have difficulty in school, ADHD effects every aspect of their lives.  Poor decision making, time management skills, social skills, attention span, focus, and responsibility cause significant problems at home and in their day to day functioning.

The problems these students have with academics or at school are just one aspect of how ADHD effects their lives.  Math and reading are not the problem.  It is the inability of these students to retain information, focus, or retrieve information that is causing their academic issues.

Tutoring and academic remediation will not work without remediating the underlying cognitive deficits.

Cognitive remediation is critical to minimizing ADHD deficits.

Dr. Lance Fein