Why Medications Alone Don’t Work

Why Chemical Intervention Alone Doesn't Work

Chemically treating a child with ADHD is a difficult decision for parents.  None of us want to put our children on unnecessary substances.  Before allowing your doctor to prescribe, you should make sure of the following:

  1. The substance has been approved for use in pediatrics
  2. Make sure the substance is NOT being used off-label (meaning it has been approved for one use but is being used for another).
  3. Make sure that you start with the brand name of the drug and not the generic

Remember that chemical intervention alone is not going to teach your child organizational skills, social skills, attention skills, reading, or math.  Chemical intervention can help with fidgeting and hyperactivity but unless the underlying cognitive skill are remediated, chemical  intervention alone will not be successful in the long term; instead they should be used short term in conjunction with a holistic treatment approach.